Callaway Khrono

Licensed on Audiovisual Communication Studies. I'm studying Social Networks & Virtual Communities.

I'm focusing in studies related with Audiovisual Communication, Design, Social Networks, Web 2.0 & 3.0, HTML5, Web Apps & Cloud Computing. I like movies, photography, animation, Internet, multimedia & the social networks. I love the Formula1, techno music, play how discjockey in clubs and reading books related with social changes. I want visit all countries on the world, meet every culture and every kind of thinking.

Social Networker

Currently I'm studying a postdegree of Social Networks and Virtual Communities in Open University of Catalonia. I have an account and I'm analysing all of trend and popular social networks from around the world, seeing the path that has the society on Internet.

Audiovisual Communicator

I'm licensed on Audiovisual Communication Studies in University of Vic. I was working on local televisión, making short clips, the news and magazines programs. I made a documental related the war and professional soldiers.

Audiovisual Technician

I'm working in IESE Business School of Barcelona on Audiovisual Services since 2009. I studied a degree of Audiovisual Technician in Politecnical Center Villar, mainly audio matter.

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